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Protect sensitive internal data using Toopher’s suite of integrations for remote access, identity management and enterprise applications. Prevent attacks and ensure data security for your organization and employees.

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Multiple Authentication Methods

Toopher offers four methods of out-of-band authentication: invisible push with patented automation technology, standard push based authentication, time-based one-time passcodes, and out-of-band SMS-based authentication.

Invisible. Location-Based. Enterprise Security.

Workforce credentials only work where the user’s phone is. Toopher’s core technology takes out-of-band push authentication one step further to create an invisible user experience. Using the location-awareness of a mobile device, Toopher automates the authentication process in locations the user deems safe. Toopher will only alert the user when something out of the ordinary occurs.

Out-of-Band Push Authentication

Out-of-band technology is the new industry standard. It uses a separate, more secure push channel of communication to authenticate a request, as opposed to most online security, which utilizes only one channel (the browser), leaving the connection highly vulnerable to known attacks.

“Old School Two Step” - OTP Generator

“Old School Two Step” Authentication is our OATH based one time password solution. The user enters the Toopher app to retrieve an OTP and enter into the browser. It works even if the user has no internet/data connection. It is our fallback solution. An endless amount of clone companies come out with OATH OTP generators. They all do the same, in-band thing.

Out-of-Band SMS Authentication

For feature phone users, we provide a more secure, completely out-of-band SMS TOTP authentication option. Users will receive contextually relevant details to mitigate even the most nefarious MITM attacks. Additionally, users can respond to the text message with a prompted passcode to gain access to their accounts.


Toopher has many features that both improve user experience and enhance user security—it’s the solution your employees will actually want to use.

Critical Action Authentication

Critical Action Authentication

Not only does Toopher secure the login, but can also secure any critical action either alone or within a session. A future feature, Toopher Halo, will automatically log the user out of a session when they leave a predetermined geofence to create full session security.

Configurable Geofence

Configurable Geofence

While the default automation radius is the size of an office building, Toopher supports the level of granularity best suited to each client’s needs. Whether it’s as small as 10 feet or as many clients prefer, a larger radius to secure a home or office – it’s at the discretion of the client administrator to best fit their business case.

Toopher qr code pairing

QR Code or Natural Language Pairing

Toopher realizes that humans use our system, thus the pairing process must be highly usable. Your employees will have two ways to pair—neither involving arbitrary strings of numbers and letters. The Toopher app generates a one-time two-word pairing phrase that the user enters back into your service. Or they can pair with a QR code by holding up their phone to the computer screen for two seconds.

Toopher pattern lock

Pattern Lock Protection

Add an extra layer of security requiring users to enter a pattern of their choosing each time an authentication request is made. In the case that the mobile device phone is stolen, the pattern lock would prevent the fraudster from gaining control over any Toopher actions.


Toopher offers both cloud and on-premise deployments. There are multiple configurations for our easy-to-use SaaS application. Toopher is easy to get running on your current infrastructure. Don’t see your system below? Contact us. We are in the process of building more integrations.

VPNs, Firewalls, NACs, VDIs

Toopher has the ability to integrate with many of the most popular VPN services. While Toopher can deploy quickly and easily, the Toopher deployment teams can also custom configure integrations to ensure the specifications of your needs are met precisely. Toopher can also integrate with VPN services through our RADIUS integration, going far beyond the integrations listed here.

Identity Access Management & Single Sign-on Solutions

Toopher has integrations for identity access management platforms and single sign-on solutions. Toopher easily bolts on to IAMs & SSOs. Looking for an IAM or SSO you don’t see here? Let us know, we may already be building it.

SSH & Unix

Toopher is easy to integrate into Linux and Unix operating systems. Install our integration with minimal customization to your configuration and Toopher is up and running.


Toopher can integrate with a variety of hosted and self-hosted web applications. Typically adding Toopher to web apps that utilize Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is quite simple. Toopher also has plugins for various other web apps and site frameworks.

Remote Desktop

Toopher can with Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Don't See Your Integration?

Contact us. We are in the process of building more integrations.

What Makes Toopher Different

Toopher provides the most secure, most usable multifactor experience available today. By breaking the outdated paradigm that suggests strong security comes with poor usability and vice-versa, Toopher is the authentication solution both enterprises and end-users want to use. Toopher is also the only solution to offer location awareness as a factor in authentication.


What Experts are Saying

This is one of the most innovative authentication solutions we’ve ever seen. Everyone will be using this by 2015.

Heather Hinton, IBM Chief Technology Officer