About Us

Security should be both highly usable and highly secure.

Our Story

Evan Grim and Josh Alexander founded Toopher in 2011. With nearly a decade of experience in computer/network security and business development/management, they started Toopher out of Evan’s garage (though he had a perfectly good spare room), while Evan worked on his software engineering PhD, and Josh taught Risk Management at UT.


The People


Existing solutions require the use of tokens (hard, card, or soft) or biometrics. Both tokens and biometrics offer much greater security than passwords, but they can be expensive and cumbersome. Biometrics and tokens often require additional hardware. Further, all token-based solutions require users to enter in codes manually.

Toopher does not require additional hardware or numerous manual steps; with automation, the phone stays in your pocket. Additionally, Toopher is a breeze to install and setup. There are a lot of companies trying to solve the problem of online fraud and identity theft; and this is a great thing. However, we (as a society) have solved this problem a long time ago. We know there are three ways to authenticate your identity – something you know (ex: password), something you are (ex: fingerprint), and something you have (ex: a key fob).

We believe there are two reasons. First, phones have only recently become location-aware. Without that advance in technology, Toopher could not offer a completely automated product. Second, almost all competing solutions have approached the problem from the traditional course of using a token. Toopher is unique – instead of asking the question, “How can we make tokens better?” We asked, “How can we make something we’d actually want to use?"

This market is currently valued at $12 billion with expectations to quadruple by 2020.

Toopher is free for your users. We like to say we’re B2B2C. Everything we create, we create with the end user in mind. No other company places as much value on that as we do. That said, the ones who hand over the dollar bills are enterprises. Enterprises implement Toopher with their users, the users usually sob tears of joy and gratitude, and everyone walks home happy — if a bit soggy.

Toopher was awarded US patent 8,578,454 in November 2013, which gives Toopher domain exclusivity over our core technology. The patent gives Toopher exclusive domain over any and all automated authentication and authorization responses from at least one mobile device relying on contextual information, whereby contextual information includes but is not limited to the following: WiFi stations, Bluetooth stations, NFC stations, location services, accelerometer, ambient noise and lighting as well as biometrics. Additionally, we have filed 23 continuations to expand the scope of this intellectual property, using the original filing date of October 2011.

Honestly, any company holding any information on their accounts of any value at all. By industry: SaaS providers, financial institutions, payment services, healthcare providers, professional services, ecommerce, social networking sites, internal networks, paid-content providers – the list is prolific, not unlike the benefits of using Toopher.

Toopher was selected as a finalist for the ABJ Tech Innovation Awards (Oct 2011), to join the Austin Technology Incubator (Jan 2012), as a finalist to present at the SXSW Accelerator Program and RISE Global (Mar 2012), launched at DEMO (Apr 2012), and won the ATC Startup Showdown (May 2012).

Toopher creates significant value along the chain. Users experience a much higher level of security, without additional effort. Enterprise clients (organizations with secure login and process needs) significantly reduce costs related to digital fraud and identity theft, while protecting their reputations. Given Toopher’s projections, investors may expect solid top and bottom line growth over the next five years. Toopher expects to generate revenue in two quarters, and to produce significant returns for investors as well. Complete financials are available upon request.