Pre-acquisition Client Portal

Salesforce Acquires Toopher!

We here at Toopher have a standard question we ask new Toopherarians - if you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

Even with the normal attractive archetypes, the most common response from a Toopherarian is to be able to provide even greater levels of security without affecting the user experience.

Today it is with great excitement that we can unveil our ability to super-charge our superpower—because we are being acquired by Salesforce!

While we will no longer sell our current products, we are thrilled to join Salesforce, where we'll work on delivering the Toopher vision on a much larger scale as part of the world’s #1 Cloud Platform. We can’t imagine a better team, technology and set of values with which to align.

To our users and clients—thank you so much for all of your support and feedback. We've been delighted to better secure you without all of the normal unpleasantries associated with multifactor authentication. Even though we will no longer sell our current product, our commitment to your security remains steadfast (as does our love for breakfast tacos).

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Josh Alexander & Evan Grim

April 1, 2015